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What to Expect at Your Boudoir Session

If you're one of those people who think, "Gosh. They look so great, there's no way I'd look like that. I've never been in front of a camera before."

I'm excited to tell you..... that's actually about 85% of our clients!

(Including the one in these photos.)

So here's what to expect.

After your Inquiry process, we love to get clients on the phone! You'll be speaking with me, Kayla for mostly everything. Why do we do this?

A.) Because it's awesome to break the ice. I love speaking with potential clients prior to booking because boudoir is intimate. I like to build a quick genuine connection to help clients get a feel for who we are at Capture Wonder Boudoir Studio. After all, I'm a HUGE goofball and probably will make you laugh at your session.


B.) This allows YOU (the client) to get a feel for our personality and better understand what sets us apart from other boudoir photographers..and ask any questions you may have prior to booking.

After your phone consultation, you'll get our full price sheet with a series of collections, sets, and products that we offer.

Why do you get the full pricing guide AFTER your consult? The main reason we do this, isn't to steer you away from not understanding our prices. (We have our session fee and average investment listed on our site so it's no shock to any potential client) It's to first take the time to build a connection with you. As Boudoir Photography is an intimate experience, we like to establish that relationship first so it's an all around more personalized experience.

Once you've decided you want to book- here comes the fun part! We send you multiple guides over the course of the time leading up to your session including our exclusive posing guide, wardrobe guide, hair and makeup guide and full prep guide. This is just an added bonus and some tips on fully preparing you for your session. It is not absolutely necessary to read every guide, but they definitely are chock full of any information and answers to any questions you may have that you can always refer back to.

Not sure what to wear? Don't worry about it! We have a large client closet sizes xs-6x filled with many bodysuits, teddies, lingerie, and just about anything you can think of that's included with every session. We only require you to bring a nude and black thong or g-strin,and your beautiful personality.

Of you'd like to bring your own, absolutely you are welcome to.

When you show up the day of your session, you'll be pampered to hair and makeup by one of the members of our Glam Team. After, we will pick out your favorite outfits and get you fitted for your session!

Not sure how to pose? Don't stress at all! Kayla is an expert posing coach and previous model who is experienced in posing to capture the most flattering angles and shots of you.

After your session, you will break for lunch and come back for your ordering and reveal appointment!

This is where you'll see sneak peek images from your session and get to choose your favorite ones for your products and album.and order your luxury products! Depending on your package of choice, you will walk across the street to Native Salt Cave and enjoy a luxe spa experience.

Products are shipped straight to your home in 3-5 weeks in discreet packaging.

Ready to inquire about your session? Check out our contact page here


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