• Kayla Douglas

The MAGIC of Retouching and Behind The Scenes

Hey guys! I want to show you the MAGIC of what happens here in Capture Wonder Boudoir Studios with Ric being our Retouching Expert (or editing wizard I like to say)

So, I know you saw the AFTER photos of the Valentines day Tulle Set up- but I bet you guys had no idea what the before looked like.

This set up was SUPER fun and actually inspired by the 1999 iconic American Beauty movie photoshoot.

I didn't have any roses, but as a creative you know what I did have?! An obnoxious amount of tulle in various colors. This set up was AT LEAST 15 yards of tulle plus about 6 spools of tulle.

I wanted to post this to show you what the MAGIC of a great retoucher can do and why it's so important to choose a professional photographer that knows what they're doing for your session. Every session comes with professional retouching by the wizard himself!

Check out the before and afters below:

What you see:

What WE see:

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