• Kayla Douglas

Maternity Boudoir Session

This month; we photographed a BEAUTIFUL maternity momma.

She came in our Studio, and we prepped her to get ready for her session.

Pregnancy can be super tough on some mommas, and boudoir may not be the first instinct whenever you're thinking about getting photos done to document your pregnancy journey.

But actually, we believe it to be quite opposite!

Pregnancy is raw, beautiful, and downright empowering in and of itself. You're creating a human for 9 beautiful months. That's pure strength.

Boudoir is meant to be empowering, raw and beautiful. Boudoir is accepting yourself exactly as you are and completely embracing your natural beauty.

What a better way to document your Pregnancy than an empowering Boudoir shoot?

Combining the two, creates the most elegant and beautiful images.

So maternity mommas, next time you're thinking about documenting your Pregnancy journey we 100% recommend trying a boudoir session here at Capture Wonder Boudoir Studio.

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