• Kayla Douglas

Boudoir VS. Erotica

OK, let's talk about the DIRTY truth about boudoir photography.

I'll start.... it's actually not "dirty" at all! Sensual and sexy, yes.

Dirty? No!

A common misconception about boudoir is a lot of people confuse it with Erotica which is closely associated with "adult content" (p0rn)

So let's talk about the difference!

Erotica is photography that is closely related to the adult industry that features allllllll the adult acts we do in the bedroom that you may find in a nudie mag under a bed. (Yes I went there.) We do NOT photograph Erotica.

Boudoir photography is different and so much more! It is intimate portraiture taken in a tasteful manner to embrace the body in a SENSUAL way. (With or without clothes).

Our goal as photographers is to capture your raw natural beauty in such a way that you FALL IN LOVE with YOURSELF again! For you, not anyone else (but if gifting a sexy album to your partner is something you want to do,, that can be a bonus 😉 aaaand let's be honest, we all forget to love ourselves sometimes.)

So if you've been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, but worried what others may think about you- chances are they just don't understand the difference in Erotica VS. Boudoir. (You can even copy my words if you want to explain it to them)

We can't wait to see you here in our Studio! 😍

Check out this Sexy shot from our client, Kara!

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