Meet The Couple Behind The Camera!

Hey! Kayla and Ric here.  We're the team behind the camera.  Ric is the editing wizard and photography expert. Kayla is the supporting photographer and posing expert and coach!  A little background about us- We met in Atlanta, both as models in the same modeling circle.  As time progressed, we enjoyed the other side of the camera a lot more- and Boudoir became very precious to us, because we love helping women (and men! Men can do a boudoir session too!) feel better about themselves, inside and out. We all struggle with self image, and we want to help others overcome as much of that as we possibly can. Being in the modeling industry, we had a first hand experience about how UNREALISTIC the medias beauty standards are, which is why we quit modeling and started to pursue capturing REAL beauty. We love the WOW factor of boudoir and clients seeing themselves as the world sees them- not masked behind our own self image limitations due to the medias IDEA of beauty. We love delivering images to women and having them say, "I can't believe that's me! I have never felt so beautiful in my entire life!" It means so much to us to be able to offer that to women, and that women of all ages trust us to provide them with that experience!

Ric And Kayla Boudoir.JPG